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Wisenet XNO-6085 extra LUX and Wisenet XNO-6085 V extraLUX with a 1/2 inch matrix and PTRZ function

      Two new dome security cameras from the Wisenet series were introduced by Hanwha Techwin. The WISENET XND-6085 extraLUX and Wisenet XND-6085V extraLUX models are based on a 1/2 inch CMOS matrix and, due to this, have a high sensitivity of 0.004 lux / F0.94 in day mode and 0.0004 lux / F0.94 in night mode . They provide a 2-megapixel high quality image.

      The new dome cameras differ in that the model XND-6085 has a plastic case, and the Wisenet XND-6085V is made of aluminum. Both cameras are designed for indoor use and operate at temperatures from -30 to + 55 ° C.

      In the new cameras, it is possible to remotely change the zoom and the angle of rotation of the camera unit, which determines the direction of the view, when setting up. This function, PTRZ, allows the operator to remotely set the focal length of the motorized variofocal lens in the range from 4.1 to 16.4 mm, and also to rotate the camera - in the horizontal plane in the range from -173 to + 173 °, in the vertical plane - from -73 up to + 73 °.

      An image compressed with the H.265 or H.264 codec, the new cameras are transmitted at a speed of 60 fps. If the MJPEG algorithm is used, the maximum frequency is 30 fps. The image compression efficiency is further enhanced by the proprietary WiseStream II technology.

      Using the WDR hardware function, the dynamic range of each camera is expanded to 150 dB. Among the proprietary software functions of the cameras is the expansion of the dynamic range of SSDR and noise suppression of SSNRV. Digital image stabilization, like in other cameras of the Wisenet X series, is based on the use of built-in gyrosensors. Also in the arsenal of image enhancement tools available in the XND-6085 and XND-6085V cameras is the function "Antiguard" (Defog).

       The cameras support two SD, SDHC or SDXC memory cards with a total capacity of 512 GB. The Lens Distortion Correction function compensates for distortions that occur around the edges of the frame with a short focus. The Hallway View feature allows you to conveniently display vertical scenes for viewing. Power for novelties can be fed using PoE technology.

       Modern video analytics provides in new cameras the detection of movement, appearance and disappearance of objects in the frame, the intersection of the line, the entrance of the object into the zone and its exit from the zone. CCTV cameras determine the direction of movement, reveal loitering, reveal sounds of different kinds, fog. The interference in the operation of cameras is also detected